Today I read an article (here) by my instructor, Eyal Yanilov, where he asks the question "Why should you learn KMG/Self Defense?"

I thought about this quite a bit today. His answer is the most obvious of course: because you might die!

But this is not what I was thinking about. I was thinking about all the people I know personally who need to know self defense, who are in dangerous situations, or who have family members to protect that do NOT take self defense. As I write this I can name too many people who are dealing with a job that is dangerous, or a spouse or ex-spouse who is dangerous, who simply do not take the initiative to learn self defense. Is your life worth $99? Is it worth a few hours per week of your time? What about your families safety? What value do you place on that?

As an instructor and school owner I am constantly striving to provide courses that appeal to all walks of life, turn away no one, provide the greatest benefit for the time invested, and are affordable to the vast majority of people. I want to lower the barrier to entry so that only a persons desire and commitment are left. As the sign above my office door reads: If is important you will find a way, If not you will find an excuse.

To be proficient in self defense, like all training, it must be planned and consistent. It must have a permanent place on your calendar that you work around. In other words, it must be a priority in your life. I have often compared self defense to insurance. You hope it never gets used, but when you need it, you REALLY need it. In fact, in those moments when you use your training, it is more important that food, water or even air. And you need to have it before the situation requires its use.

I've also heard prospective students say "I need to get in shape before coming." Nothing could be further from the truth. We specifically teach our instructors not to push students past their breaking point. We allow breaks as often as needed. Will you get tired? Probably, but that is because self defense is a physical activity. I have seen students come in who could not make one lap around the mat, lose 60+ pounds, become very proficient in a relatively short period of time, and they have learned a life skill in the process. Each person who makes the commitment to learn self defense is getting healthier, happier, and is more self sufficient in the protection of themselves and the ones around them. Win - win - win!

To further accelerate the health benefits, we have added extensive strength and mobility classes, offered daily at no extra charge, for those who want to really get stronger and lose weight. When a person is stronger and more agile, they can perform self defense better, so adding these courses was a natural next step. Dedicating time to make your body stronger WILL make you a better self defense practitioner. To make them available to the widest range of people, they cost nothing extra and are offered at times that do not conflict with our krav maga classes. 

There are also students who want to get stronger and lose body fat in a serious way. They want to transform their bodies. They want to take their game to the next level. To this end we have a new program called The Amazing 12. It is a 12 week, body transformation program that will push your physical fitness into an entirely new realm you never thought possible. To introduce a program like this, I searched the globe for the BEST program available. Like our Krav Maga training / affiliation with KMG and our Kettlebell instructor training with StrongFirst, I wanted our body transformation program to be WORLD CLASS. The 12 Week Physique program assembled by Paul McIlroy is nothing short of world class. In just 12 weeks you will have a level of strength and a matching body that would normally take years, if ever, to achieve. I have put myself through this program and can attest to it's phenomenal ability to deliver massive strength gains, fat loss, and overall body transformation. It is done with no supplements, no drugs, and no tricks. It is just an exceptionally well developed program of strength, cardio and diet.

As 2014 started to close, we began to think about what else we could do to further make our programs better. To this end we are going to be adding:

  • New Amazing 12 classes during the morning and noon hours
  • New Kettlebell courses during the morning and noon hours
  • New Krav Maga mini-courses for those looking to advance their krav maga training quickly
  • New monthly Women's Self Defense classes for ladies 

Our school has expanded vastly over the last few years, but we are always looking to improve our programs to appeal to everyone. If you have any questions please give us a call or stop in.


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