Mike Coffin is an entrepreneur, author, technologist, and personal safety expert. He has served as Chairman of the Board at non-profit PAVE, as an advisor and mentor to other business owners, and started several  privately held businesses. His financial guidance book "The Millionaire Model" was a #1 download on Amazon. 

His mission is to improve the lives of people around the world. After seeing the deep physical, emotional, and mental impact that physical and sexual violence had on those around him, he began working with charities like Big Brother Big Sister, and PAVE. The concept of the DEEP Training System was created to further extend the reach of his self-defense organization, Crucible Self Defense. The DEEP Training System delivers intense weekend workshops around the country. In today's world, there is a huge need and want for training, but too often the time is not there to commit to many times per week traditionally needed.

The System


The System


about deep training

The DEEP Training System is designed to delivery high quality, and life impacting weekend workshops to those who need it most. We want to provide as much knowledge to students as is possible in a weekend format.

why a weekend?

After years of delivering similar courses, as well as daily training to thousands of students, we discovered that people can only assimilate a certain amount of information, and that is about 4-5 hours per day. The overnight break gives their minds some time to process what they learned on Day 1, and get ready for Day 2.

We also use the weekend format to deliver multiple types of training.

Day 1 usually consists of building fundamentals in the areas of concepts, body movement, and relevant striking. The Day 1 content allows us to level set the entire class, regardless of background, and begin to layer on more advanced topics

Day 2 we take advantage of the base that we established the prior day, and start adding on skills. That could be our Escape & Evasion knowledge, Anti-Stalking in Women's Self-Defense, Third Party Protection, Active Shooter and Trauma Care or Tactical Shooting. 

what other knowledge is learned?

The process of learning self-defense topics brings out all kinds of emotions, thoughts and physically demanding movements. Throughout the process of adapting to these, we are bringing about change far above just knowing how to defend yourself. "Life Changing" is not an uncommon response when asked about what was learned over the course of a weekend. The confidence, empowerment, and raw physical skills can combine to be a powerful experience, one that can change lives. 


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About Mike

Mike Coffin is an entrepreneur, author, technologist, and expert self-defense instructor. His passion is teaching others how to be more independent and  

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